Haunted Playouse

A improvised Halloween yard display. Featuring the moss-covered playhouse that the kids haven’t used for years and a few props from the basement. The sheet covers a solar-powered spooky light that comes on after dark and shines the eyes and mouth of a skull through the sheet.

Haunted Playhouse

Goblin Circus at Whoo in Northampton, MA

Goblin Circus comes to Northampton’s Whoo Gallery (11 Market Street), October 23-28, with an opening celebration on Friday, October 26, 6:30-10:00 p.m.

Goblin Circus is an exhibit of handmade Halloween art and artifacts by Fred Zinn. The exhibit celebrates Halloween as a season for personal creativity and spooky fun, de-emphasizing the candy, horror, and violence that are becoming prevalent in the aisles of the local Halloween store. Goblin Circus is intended for all ages: plenty of monsters and spookiness, but no blood, volence, or zombies.